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Flu Shots and Flumist are In !

It is not too early to receive it; this vaccine is particular to this year's flu season!

•Flumist can be given to those between 2-49 years of age, with no history of asthma or wheezing within the last year

•Flu shots can be given to those 6 months and older

*Patients under 9 years of age who have not received a previous flu shot will need a second dose 1 month after the first

Please call to schedule your flu vaccine at your next convenience

Seasonal Tips

As our season changes and the kids get back into the school schedule germs seem to be inevitable. Our office takes pride in keeping our patients healthy and happy. Of course our Nurse Jill is here to answer any and all of your questions. With RSV, Flu, and other virus’ on the rise in East Texas we wanted to give some tips to staying healthy this season.

• Wash your hands frequently- Washing your hands several times a day can ensure germs don’t travel from yourhands to other parts of your body. Keeping your hands away from your face canhelp as well, as germs can easily breed once they reach the eyes, nose, andmouth. Hand washing should last at least 20 seconds and should include agenerous amount of soap.

• Disinfect regularly- Be sure to clean and disinfect any surfaces that are frequently touched, suchas door handles, countertops, stair railings, etc.

• Keep on schedule- Maintaining a regular sleep schedule and getting the proper amount of sleep helps the body stay well rested and strong instead of worn down and unhealthy.

• Vitamins- Be sure your family is gettingimportant vitamins in their daily diet. Vitamins C and D are most important.

• Layering- layer your child’s clothing so that it can stay dry and warm in the changing weather.

• Checkups- Following your well check timeline for checkups and office visits can give the doctor an opportunity to catch little bugs here and there before they become serious.

If your child does become ill please call us to schedule an appointment or speak to our nurse. In dealing with most of the seasonal viruses early detection is key in a speedy recovery and a keeping our patients healthy this season.